Due to the popularity of our Rocker Cover Racing course which debuted at last year's SkegMiniFest, we're doing it again!

The concept is simple - you may have heard it before - but we'll go through it quickly: two cars made from rocker covers are run down a track and whichever gets to the finish line first wins!

The rules we will be using are as follows:

  1. Cars are to be based on a classic Mini rocker cover, part numbers 12A475, 12A1530, CAM4543 or LDR10074. Competitors may also use CAM6822 (the MG Metro one) or any other alloy rocker cover immediately identifiable as used on an A-series or A+ engine. Oil filler caps need not be present.
  2. Cars must retain at least 85% by weight of the original rocker cover.
  3. Cars must have no form of mechanical, electrical, chemical nor magical propulsion or steering. Gravity and correctly set tracking are your friends.
  4. Cars must weight no more than 4kg, but may weigh much less.
  5. Cars must be a maximum of 8 inches (203mm) wide.
  6. Cars must have a maximum of 4 (four) wheels, each no greater than 6 inches (150mm) in diameter and mounted no more than two to an axle. They may be mounted inside or outside the rocker cover.
  7. Mounting of axles may be done by passing them through the sides of the rocker cover, or the rocker cover may be mounted on subframes or a chassis carrying the axles
  8. Rocker covers may be mounted right way up or upside down.
  9. Cars may have any form of suspension except for hydrolastic, hydragas and hamsters.
  10. Downforce wings, spoilers, splitters, air dams and any other forms of aerodynamic additions are permitted on the grounds that they probably won't make a whole lot of difference and will probably be quite amusing, but may not be adjusted following scrutineering until a race has begun.
  11. Competitors wishing to wear racing clothes, fireproof overalls, helmets etc do so at their own risk of ridicule.
  12. The course will consist of two divided lanes, approximately 10 inches (250mm) wide, with a track length of approximately 20 feet (6 metres).
  13. Cars will run in heats of two cars each. The judges will be responsible for the launch. The first car to cross the finish line as determined by the judges shall be declared the winner. If neither car makes it to the finish line, the car travelling the furthest will be declared the winner.
  14. Winning cars will advance to the next round until all are eliminated except for one champion.
  15. This is a fun event. Anyone found taking it too seriously will be soundly ridiculed. It's in the rules, it will happen.
  16. Any constructor or team who enters any form of protest following a result will be asked to smile more and lighten up a bit. There are no stewards except the ones in the bar, and they don't do enquiries.
  17. While the judges' decision is final, all donations to Macmillan Cancer Support will be gratefully accepted. Larger donations are likely to act as more efficient bribes.

If you fancy taking part, build your rocker cover racer and bring it along. As long as you and it meet the above regulations, you're in. If you have any queries beforehand, contact us here.